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Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11 - Multi-Purpose Mixture


All 5 Gases Multi-Purpose Mixture - Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11

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Multi-Purpose Mixture - All 5 Gases Blended

20% Helium; 20% Argon; 20% Neon; 20% Krypton; 20% Xenon @ 500 psi

Click here to read about about the theory and use of the inert gas devices in general.

Finding it hard to determine what the right inert gas device is for you?

One can use 2 or more of each of the pure gas devices or combine different ones together as in the suggested mixtures shown on this page. Jon Fox from Hilarion.com recommends individuals sensitive to energies to start with the pure or nearly pure inert gas devices one at a time until the energy becomes more familiar. We recommend that you start with the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11 as it is probably the most effective combination for dealing with many issues at once. It contains the argon/krypton blend for releasing and dissolving negative thought-forms. This is a favorite of many; when using this it seems that ones world is much happier place." We believe as the thought forms have been removed from the gases and the magnetics greatly improved that Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11 is suitable for all people. It contains a blend of 20% Xenon (for tissue regeneration and regrowth), 20% Argon and 20% Krypton (to destroy negative thought form attachments, considered by some as the basis to some forms of disease (as discussed in the Argon article), 20% Helium (to assist with sleep), and 20% Neon for lower chakra issues).

Container Material Color Dimension (cm) Empty Container Weight (g)
Aluminium (Anodized) and Brass Blue Height 11.5; Diameter 6.0 829

Click here for instructions on using the inert gas devices.

Question Do the devices leak? How long do they last?

Generally, no they do not leak and thus they can theoretically last forever. There is one exception to this: Helium. Its tiny molecular size allows it to very slowly leak through the container walls of truly ALL containers it is in - including the massive steel cylinders in which it is most commonly found. The leak rate is so slow, however, when an inert gas device is properly built and tested as described above, that for all practical purposes the pressure will remain within 2% of its initial value for at least 10 years. Pure Helium devices are best refilled every 10 years or so.

Question What is your best device for sleeping? I have such broken sleep and I wake up tired.

Our most effective device for tackling sleep issues is Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #8. It is so effective as it uses the field from the Helium inert gas and it is very safe to use. Other options you might like to consider are removing geopathic stress from your home through installing a geoclense, or using a sleep partner also available through Natures Energies. The inert gas device #8 is however probably the most effective.

Question How long will the device remain effective and will I have to replace sometime in the near future? Is this device safe since its pressurized (500 psi)?

The device will remain effective permanently. There is however a chance that the Helium gas will leak over a period of approximately 10 years as it is almost impossible to retain the gas due to the size of the helium atom, but all of the other gases will remain compressed in the device. There is a permanent magnet that has been specially treated, but it too will retain its inherent properties permanently. The device is completely safe even though it has highly compressed gases. The walls of the cylinder are 40x the thickness required for such pressures, and the valves and plug are rated to 3000psi, even though the device holds 500psi. There is also an inbuilt safety feature should anything go wrong, which as explained is extremely unlikely.

Question Can the inert gas beams be felt?

Yes. 70% of people feel the inert gas beams as a tingle in the palm of their hand, or a warm (or cold) feel. Some people report seeing light emitted from the devices. Note also that 3 of the 5 inert gases are very expensive and very difficult to source. At the time of writing, xenon gas was hard to find and in short supply worldwide, and the gas supplied to us in a 1L bottle (under high pressure) cost more than $3000, which greatly raises the price of these unique devices.

Question How can I switch the device off?

The devices supplied through Natures Energies does not have a switch that will turn the device off. To turn the device off, you simply turn it upside down. If you have a 2 or more storey home, make sure that you turn it upside down on the ground floor to prevent the field from penetrating into the lower levels of the home. If you live in a multi storey unit, you will need to wrap the device in layers of lead sheet (up to 1/4" thick) which you can purchase from your local hardware store to completely block the field from people in other apartments surrounding you. If you do not wrap in lead, store at a distance greater than 10 metres from yourself and others.

Question What occurs with over-use or too much intensity?

You cannot be overexposed to the devices available through Natures Energies, as the magnetics and gases have been specially treated using an undisclosed quantum technology. Inert Gas Devices from Other Suppliers With devices sourced from other companies, it has been observed that when placed close to the bed, that sometimes that person is quite sensitive to the effect and has trouble sleeping, or wakes up feeling poorly rested ("grouchy"). An example of this is shown in an earlier device from the 1980s, as shown in case study #7. According to energy sensitive people, Natures Energies Inert Gas Beaming Technology does NOT cause over stimulation or overexposure.

Question Can I use the device at work?

We recommend that the device is only used during sleep, or while meditating. There is one good reason for this: the device (especially a device with Xenon) can be thought of as a manifester. So if while you are sitting at work with the device, the telephone rings, and you are confronted with some difficult issue by the person on the telephone, you may be manifesting a (temporary) negative energy or negative attitude while in the inert gas field which would not be conducive to healing. If however you are able to maintain a visualization of the desired outcome while this is happening, then you could possibly use the device while working.

Question I would like to know if this devise needs to be recharged at some point? and if so, for how much time wil I be able to use it before recharging it?

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our inert gas devices. The device you are considering #11 is very popular and loved by our clients. I personally use this unit and can only say good for the time I have used this unit as it covers all areas in my being. To answer your question, these units never require to be recharged. By saying never, the only gas that might disappear with time is helium but this would happen after around 10 years. The heavier gases would still remain your entire life. They have a refill valve where we could put gases into them as maintenance but we have never done this to date. In thinking about this it would be very easy to do so, so refill rates on a cheap gas like Helium would not surmount to much in cost, only in freight expenses to and from us. We might look at a refill option in the future if there was a demand for it.

Question What other experiments are being done with inert gas devices?

A researcher is growing corn and beans and other plants in sand and water with no added nutrients or soil, while exposing the growing plants to the inert gas devices. The control groups, grown without the inert gas energy, die quickly. With the device, the plants are thriving. Another researcher has observed increased skin cell growth rates with exposure to the inert gases in petri dish cultures ("in-vitro"). Another researcher reports a shift in the ultra-violet spectral response of water that has been exposed to an inert gas device containing Helium. It is hoped these researchers will publish these studies soon.

Question What laws regulate these devices?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has rules that govern the shipment and labeling of compressed gases in containers. Title 49, section 173.306, part (1) specifically grants exemption from these requirements for containers of not more than 4 fluid ounces capacity (7.22 cubic inches) or less. All of our inert gas devices meet that requirement having a gas volume of 2.44 cubic inches. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has rules that apply to medical devices and to devices for which claims of a therapeutic or medical nature are made. We make no such claims. Certain exemptions are also made for people involved in research. As someone researching the use of these devices for yourself, this may apply. Other countries probably have their own laws about these matters.

Question Can the inert gas devices assist in meditation?

Yes. Our devices have shown value in this regard, especially in groups. Expanded states of consciousness have frequently been reported by users of Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #9. Krypton containing devices have shown themselves to be valuable in enhancing psychic functioning of all kinds, which often aids in certain forms of meditation and in stimulating and activating the third eye chakra.

Question I have been told that anodised aluminium will block the beaming. Is this correct?

No. If you have heard this from our competitors, you have not been given you the full story. The component that interferes with the beaming is lead. You can wrap the inert gas devices in lead sheet and it stops the beaming. Lead as it turns out is also added to machining grades of aluminium to make it easier to cut and drill, but the good news is that our devices use a grade of aluminium that contains no lead. The grade of aluminium aluminium that we use therefore will not interfere with the beaming. Thee anodising will also not interfere with it. The anodising on the surface of the unit is just for appearance, and under a microscope it is simply a hexagonal crystal structure of the aluminium with a dye. There is no lead in the anodising.

My husband ordered your Omnidirectional Inert Gas beaming Device #11 and within two days I noticed a big improvement in my sleep and energy! This is a miracle for me as I had a very severe health problem lasting from 2002-2016 and I haven't been able to recover fully, especially with regards to proper sleep. I also noticed an almost immediate increase in energy. I've been using the device now for three weeks and I can walk roughly twice as long as I could before using this device and I can now walk up hills again! This device has renewed my hope! Thank you!

Similar to another testimonial, I was driving home from town and felt an interesting sensation on my left leg and side, a tingling awareness. I looked at the passenger seat next to me and the device, still in its packet evidently must have been facing me in the "on" position. I have also experimented with beaming the device at my hydrogenated water and am looking forward to some interesting results.

I purchased device #11...the lower disc in my back was damaged about 10 years ago in accident (herniated disc doctors called it), severe pain for years & unable to do many things....used strong coffee for pain relief each day....also had worsening genetic problem in hip (myself & relatives could hardly walk as we got older)....I have used inert gas device under my bed every night for about 1 month....pain & any hip or back problems gone...it seems to be in condition it was 45 years ago...coffee for pain not necessary now.

I've been using this and feel quite good - I feel more positive and energetic. I am not versed in the science but I think its a worthwhile buy.
Shipping was outstanding - informed every step of the way and service from the shop was excellent. Thanks

Thank you Greg for your recommendation of the 5 gas mix. I experienced an uplifting feeling while driving with it in my car. I noticed an improvement in my mood when I have it close to me. My girlfriend feels calm once it’s near her. I love this device and will purchase more devices. Thank you

Just to let you know the package arrived four days ago, and delivered straight to our mail box without any question from the post or customs. I think it was working on shifting energy in our space even while it was in our mail box which is on the back of our kitchen wall. I didn't realise it was in the mail box until nine in the evening, (having been delivered at 3pm) by which time my partner had had a big blow out, which was in fact enormously constructive.

I collected the device and told her I think its doing its work, and because I had a late business meeting at 9.30pm said take a look at it and set it up. I had forgotten the instructions and she just assumed it should go immediately under the bed. Suffice to say it had an impact - for me I had a profound dream about connecting with my core purpose in life, while feeling like my etheric body (I've been involved in healing and vibrational medicine for 20 years, so I know what it is and how to be aware of it) had received a huge jolt of prana, which left me feeling energised if not a little sensitive to eternal stimuli. I worked through it with my spiritual practice, and although I have since been on the road on business, my energy levels have not dropped.

My wife by contrast woke up feeling very grumpy and toxic with a headache. I realised what had happened and we moved the device to about 2.5 metres from the bed. I just spoke with her, and after an OK night on the second night, she said she slept incredibly well last night, and woke up early and went jogging which she has not done for years.. Suffice to say we are very excited about the impact which is way more than the marginal gains which other alternative interventions offer. We'll keep it about 2.5 metres from the bed for another 2/3 nights then move it in another metre, and then after another week, back under the bed.

Having bought two of these devices ( #11 mix) I have found them to be very potent. I live in an apartment, with another apartment close by within 20 metres. So neighbours in their kitchen can look into mine, and vice versa. Over the years a number of dissonant ley lines have been created by negative thoughts. So now I have one device on my balcony pointing downwards to plants on the balcony below and, from my side at least, the dissonant energies are greatly reduced. For the first time since living here 3 years ago, we feel comfortable going out into the balcony to sit. The second device sits nearby on the same balcony and partly in soil with plants around it, and pointing upwards. The devic energies of the plants seem to use the etheric energy produced by the device, which I sense creates an even more uplifting hemisphere of influence than the device alone. It is a truly remarkable device, supporting upliftment and positive change. For me first use was somewhat of a revelation, making me feel uplifted, with clearing of dissonant energies on quite a deep level. Highly recommended for creating positive and uplifting energies, promoting an intact and safe healing space for living things.

I just love this device - it is simply amazing. You can feel the beautiful energy from it coming in waves

I tested this device on a client, and could see her aura (etheric body) growing before my eyes. It was almost as if it was feeding energy to her

When I first used device #11, I could feel the beam coming from the top as a subtly warm tingly sensation on the palm of my hand. I find with this device that I can feel the energy coming unexpectedly in waves, a beautiful feeling almost like when your hair stand on its end (or a crawling sensation), waves of beautiful energy. I suspect this is the concentrated etheric energy. I placed it next to my bed and had the most amazing sleep I have had in years. I did need to move the device several metres from my bed as I did feel a little groggy in the morning and had difficulty waking. My dream life also seemed to be more alive. I then woke up with some soreness in my hip, and this went away after around 4 days. I suspect I had a negative thought form located there and I was destined for hip trouble later in life. After a few more days, I found that I could run so fast that I could sprint like I was a teenager again. After a month, I continue sleeping well and feel in the best shape I have felt in years. I have also noticed to my surprise my middle aged spread is starting to decrease, and have now lost over 4Kg in weight

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