Instruction on Using the Inert Gas Devices

Click here to read about about the theory and use of the inert gas devices in general.

Before using these devices, please read the Inert Gas Devices medical disclaimer.

Using the DevicesWarning: These devices contain a magnetic field and should not be used by people with pacemakers or who are otherwise sensitive to magnetic fields. The devices should be kept away from mobile phones, credit cards, computer hard drives and other equipment sensitive to magnetism. We recommend to keep the IGDs more than 50cm from such devices. They should also, as all gas bottles should be, kept away from heaters, direct sunlight or other sources that would cause excessive pressure overload in the devices (even though we have built 40x design pressure capability into these units under natural conditions!)  that could result in serious injury from explosion in rare circumstances (there is a very high safety factor in our devices). There are also many reported cases of the xenon gas containing devices resulting in vasectomy and cauterized fallopian tubes becoming reversed unexpectedly so beware of that some things may heal in your body unexpectedly.

How to identify the device

Identifying Unidirectional Devices

If you have purchased the complete set, you will need to be able to distinguish between each of the devices. On the bottom of the device, you will see 2 letters (for the pure gas devices only) and a number, as in the picture to the right. The 2 letters indicate which gas is in the device as follows;

  • HE - Helium
  • NE - Neon
  • AR - Argon
  • KR - Krypton
  • XE - Xenon

The picture to the right shows the letters KR indicating that it contains Krypton gas. Each device that is released through Natures Energies has its own unique number, which is recorded into a register. The unique number on the device in the picture to the right is 10516. If at any time you are unsure what is contained in an inert gas device that you have received from us, simply email us the number, and we will check the register and let you know the gas mixture in your device. Devices with all 5 of the inert gases only contain the identification number only (e.g., 10516) and no letters. Devices with specialized gas mixes such as Awakening Higher Consciousness formula which contains 10% Argon, 10% Krypton and  80% Xenon can be identified can be identified as 10AR10KR80XE. Other specialized mixes can be identified in a similar way.

Identifying Unidirectional DevicesIdentifying Unidirectional Devices (no longer built)

Unidirectional devices are only made for special cicumstances. If the number on the bottom of your device is followed by the letters DM (e.g., 10127DM), it means that there is a double magnet (DM) inside the device with 2 north poles facing one another in the gas chamber, to create a powerful excitation effect. This means that the device is unidirectional and that the field effect is emitted from the sides of the device at an angle of 10 degrees upward and 10 degrees downward from the horizontal plane.

When you first receive your new device - the "adjustment process"

When you first receive your new device, we recommend that you place it 2-3 metres away from your bed on the floor with the engraved logo on the top pointing upwards. You can do this even if it is placed in an adjoining room or cupboard, as the beam will pass through walls. It is necessary to do this for up to a week to allow your body to get used to, and to adjust to the concentrated ether energy. You may find that you feel a little uneasy, and restless when you sleep in the adjustment period. If necessary, move the device even further from the bed but try and ride out the storm. You may also find after the first day that there are sore muscles or other parts or on your body. These may represent thought forms that were once attached to your body, and have now been dissolved. The soreness is toxins being released into the physical flesh, and it typically lasts 2-4 days. After a week, move it a metre closer to you bed, and when you feel comfortable, proceed to the next step, where it is placed directly beside or underneath your bed. The adjustment period has now been completed.

Where to place the device

The devices are normally placed underneath or on the floor next to your bed with the engraved logo on the top of the device pointing upwards. Do not place it on a bedside table as the beam is a toroidal shape passing horizontally and in an upward direction, so it needs to be lower than the horizontal plane on which you sleep. The exception to this is where you have a unidirectional device (which are no longer made), where it should be placed on a bedside table at about the same height as the plane on which you sleep. Some people prefer the device underneath them while they sleep while others prefer it several meters away from them. Experiment and see what feels right for you.

Become familiar with and understand the gases in your new device

You can read and understand what each of the gases do by visiting the sections on Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon.

When working with inert gases how important is consciousness and your intention?

If you visualize where the changes are going to go, that is usually how they show up. And that is usually how the device is used. While you're sleeping, you hold the visualization of where the energy is going to go. However, some researchers have had experience with people in comas, or working with animals and plants, where the intent of the operator - the intent of the person near them - is also available and quite useful.

Create a two-line rhyming couplet for yourself describing this new way of being. Some examples:

  • My third eye can see, it is open and free.
  • From the Earth through my feet, energy whole and complete.
  • I have strength without fear, I am open, I am clear.
  • From head to toes, new life in me grows.
  • My blood is pure, my strength is sure.

Making one of these up for yourself is much more powerful than using any presented here. When you own it, create it, then visualize it, the effect is multiplied.

Using the device therapeutically

You can use your new device therapeutically by pointing the top side (the side with the logo on it) at your body (or a patient’s), several inches from the surface, and moving it up and down. You or your patient may notice an unusual feeling from doing this, and you may also feel guided when doing this on where to move or point the device.

How do I switch the device off?

To switch the device off, you need to wrap it in lead sheet. Lead sheet can be purchased from your local hardware supplier as “lead flashing” normally used in roofing. To block the beam, wrap it several times around the inert gas device until it is 2mm thick. The inert gas device will then be in a lead cylinder. Ensure the device is in the center of the cylinder with lead sheet overhanging both ends. Taper off the ends of the lead sheet to close off the cylinder on both ends by pressing the malleable excess lead sheet together. Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after handling the lead sheet.

Using the moon and astrology to determine when to apply inert gas energy beams and when to avoid them (this is more important than it initially seems!)

Here we open to an area that is highly suspicious to orthodox scientists, namely astrology. However, the researchers that wrote Einstein Does Not Work Here Anymore observed over a period of 7 years that when applying the rules below they got the best results. The great physician Hippocrates was convinced that no operation should be carried out on any part of the body that was ruled by the sign at the time of the operation. The moon spends around 2.5 days in each of the signs before moving onto the next sign of the zodiac.

apply inert gas energy beams

Click here to determine what star sign the moon is currently in, and whether it is waning (crescent growing smaller) or waxing (crescent growing larger).

Work by these rules for the best success in your inert gas therapy treatments;

  1. When eliminating or shrinking thought forms, do this when the moon is waning
  2. When regrowing tissue, do this when the moon is waxing

If you are working on a specific part of your body, ensure that you do NOT apply the inert gas beams when the moon is associated with its corresponding sign on a specific day as shown in the table to the right.

Aries head, face, brain, eyes
Taurus throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
Gemini arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain
Cancer chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
Leo heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
Virgo digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system
Libra kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
Scorpio reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
Sagittarius hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
Capricorn knees, joints, skeletal system
Aquarius ankles, calves, circulatory system
Pisces feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue

Real Life Experiences of an end user who has achieved Mastery in using the 5 gas single unit inert gas device

Read the experiences of one user who has mastered using the Inert Gas Devices, namely Carrie R from USA. When asked to describe her healing experiences, she said;

The inert gas beaming device I bought has corrected my vision, my husband's vision, our son's vision, his girlfriend's vision, and has also cured our cats cataracts. I jumped on, not stepped but jumped on a pitchfork barefoot and it almost went through my foot. It bruised my leg all the way up to my knee and I had the beaming device under my bed and in 2 days it was completely healed. I also had told the device that I wanted it to heal my foot as fast as possible and lo and behold it did just that! amazing! We had a pig who had a hernia the size of a volleyball and I used the inert gas beaming device on her and it went away over night. A dog attacked my cat and he was bleeding very bad from his somewhere abdomen, he would not let me look at it but I placed the beaming device pointing at him and he got up and was running around the next day.

When asked to describe how to pass the intention to heal on to the device, as well as how far to place the device from the patient, Carrie said;

As far as me giving the intent to heal to the device for different treatments what I have found to be very beneficial is to first and foremost make the device one of my own. What I mean is that before I use it to heal I hold it with both hands and send loving vibrations as if I was doing so for my child. Then while still holding the device I imagine the specific area and person (or animal) I want it to focus on and picture it becoming the way I want it to be, all while I'm feeling that Divine feeling within me. I then say "Thank you" out loud and place the device accordingly depending on who is being treated. If I'm treating myself, my child or husband (anyone used to the energy the device emits) I place it under the bed or sometimes I will set it on its side pointing in the direction of the person who needs healing. So between 1-10 feet. I have actually put it device directly on my skin to heal a rash and the rash was gone by the next morning. Someone who is not used to the energy I slowly introduce them to it. For instance my mother who WAS experiencing liver failure and was on the liver transplant list (now she is not because of how well she is doing) I would first leave the device in my car and have her walk outside and sit with me about 30ft from my car with the device pointing in her direction for 30-45 mins at a time. We are all made up of the same things so essentially we are all the, rocks, cars, tables, name by me giving my intentions and loving vibes to the device it works much better and faster!

After further discussion Carrie adds;

Inside each and everyone of us is a powerful energy. This energy is in us, around us, in everything we can see and everything we CAN'T see. The "nothingness" that surrounds us is actually"somethingness". The air we breath isn't just oxygen but it is invisible intelligence waiting to be manifested into this physical realm and into reality. When we become aware of the power inside of us many things start to happen. For instance, look outside in the sky and find a cloud. With your eyes I want you to chop that cloud up and down and back and forth until the cloud has completely disappeared. It may take a few minutes but it will happen. As you do this exercise again and again, it will take less time and effort for the cloud to disappear. It's a pretty amazing and phenomenal thing to witness. It's proof to what I am saying regarding our powerful energies. I've noticed more and more instances like the cloud exercise taking little or no time at all to happen since I've gotten aquatinted with my inert gas beaming device. The power inside of it magnifies ours!

I would like to add that I do believe that the person being treated also has to believe in the energy. The way I like to explain it to people is that just because you cannot see the energy does not mean that it isn't there. Everyone knows that we have auras and emit our own energy. We send out and receive vibrations all the time. Each "invisible" layer of our outer auras are affected before the physical body is whether it's by an impact of some kind or an illness. I then show them by taking my hand and outline their energy field (showing them this is about how far above your skin it is) I then move my hand through the energy fields, explaining each one as my hand gets closer to their body, and when my hand touches them is when I ask them how they can ever expect to heal physically if the damage occurs at the "invisible" field first? Our minds are so much more than we will probably understand and as long as they know that and they believe in the "unseen" anything is possible. Animals are quite different because they can't form their own opinions and make conscious decisions because they are naturally attuned to nature's healing energies. ;). When an octopus loses an arm or a lizard it's tail, they simply start to heal and grow it back. They don't need to figure anything out. Their bodies have all the convincing and beliefs that it needs naturally to heal. Our bodies would do the same if we weren't lacking in so many ways. But that is how I try to explain it to sceptics. I have to convince them to believe and really believe before the device will penetrate and heal their energy fields so that the physical body can heal itself.

Carrie describes her experience of feeling unwell when she first received the unit and how she dealt with the issue as follows;

When I first received it, it made me and my whole family very ill. It's funny now but I was so deathly ill it was horrible! I was thinking "why am I so sick!" And then I remembered "oh it must be the Device! I felt better after putting it outside and then having a "heart to heart" with it!