Australian Bush Flower Essences Dosage Bottles

Dosage BottlesPreparation of Dosage Bottles

  • take seven (7) drops of Stock remedy.
  • put this into a 15ml bottle of one part brandy to three parts purified water.
  • do not use distilled water.  It is dead.  Use a water purifier or distilled water which has been left in a glass bottle, in sunlight, for a day.

When you've made up a remedy for someone it's good to put some of yourself into it.  I do this by holding the bottle, visualising the patient and seeing them resolve conflict.  At this time I use an invocation to God to bring about a healing, and a learning of lessons; whatever is in the best interest of that soul, and the will of God.

Preparation of Combination Remedies

  • take seven (7) drops of each remedy.
  • put this into a 15ml bottle of one part brandy to three parts purified water. Close the bottle and succuss the remedy. You can do this by slapping the bottle hard into your hand 10-15 times.
  • repeat this process used in preparation of other essences.

What if I do not want to add brandy to the remedy that I am preparing?

The brandy is simply added as a preservative to the remedy. An alternative could be to make a remedy out of the stock bottle with just 7 drops into pure water, and there would be minimal in the bottle with just that amount. You would then dispose of the remedy and redo it after perhaps a week or 2 as there is no preservative. A stock bottle contains a lot of 15 drop doses and can last a long time. 

How to Take the Prepared Remedy

To take the remedy that you have prepared, take 7 drops in the morning on waking and 7 drops just before bed. Touch the top of your mouth with your tongue and take the drops under your tongue. You then close your mouth and hold them there for 1 minute and then swallow. Ensure that you do not have coffee before or after for 20 minutes.

Treating Your Pets with the Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies

The Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies that we sell can be used for humans and for pets such as your cats and dogs. As the remedies are vibrational (similar to homoeopathic remedies), the dosages that are made up from the stock bottles can be used for pets as well. Many people use the stock bottles without making up dosages, and this is equally effective and totally safe. Basically you will need to give your dog 2-4 drops daily of the remedy that you select, making sure that he or she does not contaminate the glass pipette inside the stock bottle with saliva. You simply open their mouth, let the drops drop into the mouth, and then you are done. You will need to do this for several days up to 6 weeks, depending how long the problem has been there. If you go too long with the treatment, there is no problem. It is totally safe, so some people simply complete the treatment with a whole stock bottle.