Nothing New Under the Sun

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous) 

There has always been since the fall of the angelic, followed by the fall of mankind, a long term cyclical celestial nexus of events culminating in another fall and rise of mankind. There is for example the passing of our solar system through the galactic plane every 62 million years, the 105,000 year orbital stretch, there is also a 26,000 year cycle,  the 11,500 year Malankovitch cycle, and the 360 year maunder minimum.

As if all these were not enough, the red dwarf star has a hyper elliptical orbit of some 3,490 years. due to pole shifting some 8 million years ago, the north pole was where the equator is today, as the magnet pole now moves about 43 miles per year. At one time the pole was where North Bay is today.

The solar galactic mid point was Dec 21 2012. The gravity pull on the other side of the galactic plane is in the opposite direction. We are in a very active region of space, and are experiencing wide variables of weather extremes even without interference from HAARP and the weather wars.

The passing of comets have always been known to cause destruction, just from the tails and action at a distance by gravitation alone. Each time there is a collapse, knowledge is lost, and usually the fallen in the flesh or those who follow them, do all they can to ensure the knowledge is kept for them. Every time we advance enough, it seems we also approach another time of calamity to deal with. In this age, life has been very short in comparison with the past.

Ask any university professor in the related fields of theoretical physics, biochemistry, biology, or the pythagorean theorem of mathematics. Or, ask any Pastor, Priest or Bishop, Rabbi or for that matter,  an expert in music and the Gregorian chants. Unless ... he is someone like Col. Tom Beardon, who knows about quantum potentials. Marco Rodin who wrote Rodin's math matrix, or Dr Emoto, or DR. Len Horowitz, for these are examples of a few which understand more than the vast majority. Ask them... How do quantum particles compose the next stage of development ? To compose a molecule, an atom, a chemical, or on a far grander scale. To compose a planet, a solar system, a galaxy ? They don't have the answer.

In simple terms, it is consciousness that creates all matter. One single thought at a time, from nanosecond to nanosecond. The question is, what thoughts are we allowing in a corrupted world ? It is in the ultimate unity of God. Mankind is a bipholographical precipitous crystalline digital mathematical musical manifestation, spoken into existence by God creating what we call frequency. We perceive a tiny fraction of it. Given to mankind by God,  to recreate as he places the spirit into the body upon conception.