Of Other Issues

I won't get into the over 100,000 supersoldiers being grown in the underground in China and more in many places. Their DNA mixed of clay and iron as in the days of Noah. Or the structure of the Illuminati, the synagogue of satan, the protocols of Zion, the interconnections of multinationals,  the ten region globalization plan, report from Iron mountain, Codex A, GMO foods,  Agenda 21, and the vastness of DARPA. and the military industrial complex we've been warned about by a string of famous and ordinary folks.

Many as we know have died blowing the whistle. It is however the goal of DARPA to lead the way in transhumanism. Total situational awareness. The RFID chip, hive mind of the biometric ID, Cray five Quantum computing as in a virtual world model, predictive modeling, bioencoded signals. Welcome to the virtual world of the technological matrix, but not... the matrix after the move of that same name, as most believe.

Hey, you don't need to read Atlas Shrugged to do your homework. Or the letters of the Sanhedrin 70, or all the masonic writings like Helen Blavatski, or the Vatican library for that matter. Just have a relationship with God. Just watch TV with better eyes and some will get the point before the brainwashing takes over....hopefully. Depends on how many brain cells get killed first. For some, it's a race between the TV and drugs. How about that so called normal eduMAcation....eh ? Into enough debt yet ?

You know, the total knowledge available from any major university at the PhD level, is only 4% of the total knowledge in any field ? Yup....wait till you discover why the world is reading at the grade two level, and how it can facilitate the implementation of the mark of the beast system.