Photon Sound Beam Technical Notes

The Photon Sound Beam is our premier product since it is the most advanced Rife/Lymph technology available today and because of its comprehensive value for such a wide variety of health issues.

Please refer to the Articles especially Important Aspects of Vibrational Energy Technology that explains the value of full spectrum Noble Gas Technology, and some of the more contemporary paradigms about how to deliver full frequency information to the body.

There are many misconceptions surrounding Rife's work in particular. For example perhaps we need to revise the notion of "a frequency per dis-ease". This notion was Rife's experimental procedure as a microscopist and not necessarily his overall conclusion. After all, Rife did discover 4 Universal Frequencies, and well before the 1930's, Georges Lakhovsky had already concluded after a decade of research with harmonics and radiowaves, that a frequency (any frequency) that carries the most amount of harmonics has the greatest healing benefit for the body.

The notion of "nourishing the cells" in our bodies with "electrical energy and harmonically-rich sound frequencies" is new to many. Yet this is the basis of newer versions of Rife Technology, which can provide vibrational nutrition while devitalizing pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites, all at the same time. These "Plasma-Electrical Instruments" use Glass Applicators directly onto the body. The Glass Tubes are filled with Noble (or Inert) Gases which ionized with high voltage and become the 4th state of matter called "plasma". The Noble Gases in the Glass Tubes conduct the electrical energy to the body as airborne "plasma electricity" at biological levels which match the natural flow of current already present in the body. NOTE: Royal Rife used high frequency radio wave to broadcast (near the microwave level) rather than Tesla Coils to ionize his Beam Tube -- without any electrical energy.

Plasma electrical Instruments overcome the high levels of electrical resistance characteristic to the body. By using Tesla Coils, they can deliver high voltage, but very gently -- as electrostatic plasma-electricity which has millions of times less current (or intensity of flow) than what we use in the electrical grid of our homes. There is a big difference between man-made artificial electricity and biological electricity. It is the level of "current" or the "intensity of electricity" -- also called "amperage" -- which determines the real effect of electricity on living systems.

The unique benefit of biological levels of electricity delivered to the body is deep tissue and fluid cleansing and secondary oxygenation. This is because this "biological electricity" naturally recharges every "cellular battery". When cells become "recharged" to an ideal electrical energy state, they become whole. Once recharged, cells which are bound to one another are immediately separated, and fluids such as the Lymph begin to de-congeal and flow easily and naturally in the body. Oxygen becomes available to the biochemistry of the body. This effect is called Electrical Disassociation. 

Every cell in the body has a low internal pH and a high membrane pH. Consequently the inside of the cell is positively (+) charged and the outside is electrically negative (-) in polarity. Electricity is defined as a flow of (-) negatively charged electrons. Plasma-electricity -- at extremely low levels of microcurrent -- follows the natural circuitry in the body and immediately re-establishes the polarity of the cell which has become weakened by toxins in our environment and acid-forming diets.

We need to revise our mechanistic view of physiology. Our bodies are primarily electrical and secondarily chemical in nature. And our bodies are constructed and maintained by Sound! The latest model of cell biology taught at universities discards the old "osmotic pump theory" to maintain the structure of the cell. This new theory describes how the cells ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) found within the mitochondria of every cell broadcasts an energy field to the DNA. Once the DNA is activated, it broadcasts a unique sound frequency out to the margins of the cell and beyond, along sound tendrils. This is what maintains the structural integrity of our cells--sound! When cellular frequency is out of tune and/or there is insufficient energy to resonate the DNA, the result is either rapid cellular mitosis (cancer...) to increase genetic potentiality or the cells actually begins to "leak" which attracts parasites, as the work of Dr. Hulda Clark discusses.

The Photon Sound Beam Complete is the most advanced Plasma electrical Instrument available today. Since 1994, the original prototype Inert Gas Sound Probe by Ed Skilling has been continually evolved. The Photon Sound Beam Complete delivers lifeforce energy and full-frequency information to the cells by matching our body's own electrical characteristics. At the same time, its high electrostatic voltage overcomes the problem of skin resistance which is the nature of Rife Metal Rod/Plate Instruments which are still popular today. Finally, by opening-up all the natural energy and information channels, the body is able to interpret and actually integrate a frequency being delivered to it. Rife effects are dramatically enhanced.

Rife Metal Rod/Plate Instruments use a current at levels 100's of times higher than our normal biological current. Therefore, it allopathically delivers frequencies, while the higher current simulates exercise by electrically contracting the muscle tissue -- there is little or no cleansing effect caused by electrical disassociation. In addition, there is a distortion of frequency purity caused by the impedance of metal to skin contact.

Developed in the 1950's by John Crane an associate of Raymond Rife, this method of delivering frequencies was actually a digression in the evolution of Rife Technology. Even though Rife used a very high frequency Radio Wave rather than Electricity from a Tesla Coil to ionize the Noble Gas Tubes -- without the Glass Tubes and Noble Gases something was lost. Nevertheless, Ed Skilling and Bob Beck continued to evolve these 1950's units into the 1980's. In 1988, Ed Skilling created his Sound Probe, an intimate Radiowave Broadcast of frequencies with at about 1000 times less than the Rife's Beam Tube. In 1994, Ed introduced hand-held Noble Gas Tubes ionized with a Tesla Coil to generate Plasma-Electricity as a carrier of frequencies. The Sound Probe became an attachment to the Photon Sound Beam -- two instruments in one.

The latest advancements of the Photon Sound Beam include advanced shielded electronics, universal frequency selection, pulse rate control, and advanced waveform emission. Our Photon Sound Beam instruments have 2 Noble Gas Applicators, RF Enhancement, and the RF Sound Probe. Each model is uptradable. New upgrades to the Photon Sound Beam Complete model include Alternating BiPolar Output with the Plasma Tubes which provides a more efficient and refined output to maximize lymphatic and tissue cleansing. The RF Enhancer for the Plasma Tubes generates a broad band of radiowave carriers to enhance the penetration and distance broadcasting while adding the Parasite Frequency Range. An improved RF Sound Probe attachment delivers frequencies with meta-harmonic radiowave carriers in Phi Ratio ubiquitous in Nature and utilizes the principles of Sacred Geometry to enhance its radionic subtle energy output.

The Photon Sound Beam is actually several technologies in one unit -- utilizing light, sound, subtle energy, plasma-electricity and radiowave delivery. The Noble Gas electrodes now include combinations of three Noble Gases (Argon, Xenon and Krypton) to deliver a more refined pure bioelectrical energy and pure frequency information.

In addition to delivering a full spectrum of bioavailable harmonic frequencies , the PSB opens up all the energy/information channels by enhancing the circulation of the Lymphatic System and all the fluids to help detoxify the entire body. It "gets things moving" with its powerful, yet natural, electrostatic energy field. This nourishing microcurrent revitalizes and repolarizes all the cells and molecules to their ideal frequency and energy-states while breaking up bound-protein, clots, lumps and other congestion while devitalizing pathogenic micro-organisms. Congestion is a primary cause of all dis-ease due to increasing levels of electromagnetic/chemical pollution, frequency control, and a complete lack of nourishment from "dead food" and lifestyles that suppress our creative life force.

Almost everyone experiences a "shift" in health and well-being in the very first treatment. This has been rare in our search for advanced frequency technology. User satisfaction is virtually unanimous. Treatment success for major issues has been faster and more broad-ranging beyond anything developed thus far today even beyond earlier prototype versions of the Photon Sound Beam still being marketed today. And uniquely, everyone at any level of wellness experiences noticeable results on some level. For those who are already quite healthy, the Photon Sound Beam provides a profound and long-lasting sense of well-being with increased energy, balance, and coherence. It is a potent tool for preventative, curative, and creative health. It also has profound veterinary application. We've restored life to our ailing pets in just ten minutes on many occasions!

So rather than just devitalizing the pathogens and parasites, the Photon Sound Beam regenerates and rejuvenates the body by restoring ideal cellular frequency and energy-states. Most importantly, the Photon Sound Beam deeply cleanses and oxygenates the tissues, and moves the lymph and fluids. It nourishes our electro-chemical body and its innate intelligence with full-spectrum vibrational and photobiotic nutrition. It feels like that first sun bath in Spring after a long cold Winter, only much more so... it's photon light energy at its very best!