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Chakra Power Pyramid smallDescription and Association of Layered Gems with Chakras

The Chakra Power Pyramid is a 4 sided pyramid, made from 7 layers of gemstones. Each of the gemstone layers consists of a gemstone material which corresponds to the etheric energies of each of the 7 main chakras in the human body, in the same order in which the layers appear, from lowest (red for the kundalini) to the highest (violet for the crown chakra).

The positions of each of the chakras in the human body, as well as their colors is shown in the diagram below;

Chakras in the human body

From the diagram, you can see how each of the layers of the pyramid corresponds to each of the chakras.

Instructions on Using the Chakra Power Pyramid 

It is a known fact that pyramids can amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. The chakra power pyramid is a tool which can easily be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from each of the individual Chakras. To use it, simply point the apex of the pyramid towards each of the chakras for 30 seconds or longer if you feel the need. Close your eyes and attune yourself to the chakra area. Feel the clearing sensation, similar to a freshness in each of the regions as you move from chakra to chakra. The sensation of stagnation will slowly lift in each of the chakras.

Another technique that you can use is lying down, and then placing the base of the pyramid on each of the chakras, similar to the technique described above. The chakras will clear in the same manner, and the sensation that you feel will be similar.

To assist you in your understanding of each of the chakras and how they associate with your physical body, we have compiled a summary below.

The Chakras and their Association with the Physical Body

Each of the crystals within this device, associate to harmonizing, cleansing and empowering a specific chakra centre: Each of the crystals corresponds to each of the 7 chakras in the etheric body 

Amethyst Crystal - Crown Chakra Amethyst Crystal - Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is associated with the Central Nervous System/ Pineal Gland. It is the centre of enlightenment, dynamic thought, truth and oneness. The possible physical areas affected by an out of balance Crown Chakra are cerebrum, pineal gland, right eye. The Crown Chakra governs the top of spinal cord, brain stem, pain centre, nerves.

  • Endocrine Gland - Pineal
  • Areas of Body Governed - Upper Brain and Right Eye 

Sodalite Crystal - Third eye Chakra Sodalite Crystal - Third eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Autonomic Nervous System/ Pituitary Gland. It is the centre of psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition and light. The possible physical areas affected by an out of balance Third Eye Chakra are cerebellum, nose, pituitary, central nervous system, left eye. The Third Eye Chakra governs the pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system, the senses.

  • Endocrine Gland - Pituitary Gland
  • Areas of Body Governed - Lower Brain, Left Eye, Ears, Nose and Nervous System 

Lapis Lazuli Crystal - Throat Chakra Lapis Lazuli Crystal - Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is associated with the Respiratory System/Thyroid Gland. It is the centre of sound, communication, speech, writing and thought expression. The possible physical areas affected by an out of balance Throat Chakra are neck problems, lungs, hypoactive thyroid, throat, jaw, alimentary canal, vocal cords. The Throat Chakra governs the throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw.

  • Endocrine Gland - Thyroid
  • Areas of Body Governed - Bronchial and Vocal Apparatus, Lungs and Alimentary Canal 

Aventurine Crystal - Heart Chakra Aventurine Crystal - Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated with the Circulatory System/Thymus Gland. It is the centre of compassion, love, group consciousness and spirituality. The possible physical issues affected by an out of balance Heart Chakra are heart problems, thymus, blood, circulatory, involuntary muscles. The Heart Chakra governs the heart, lungs, blood and circulation.

  • Endocrine Gland - Thymus
  • Areas of Body Governed - Heart, Blood, Vagus Nerve and Circulatory System

Golden Quartz/Yellow Jade Crystal Golden Quartz/Yellow Jade Crystal - Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the Digestive System/Adrenal Glands. It is the centre of personal power, ambition, intellect and astral force. The possible physical issues affected by an out of balance Solar Plexus Chakra are digestive/adrenal organ illness, diabetes, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders. The Solar Plexus Chakra governs the stomach, upper intestines, upper back, upper spine.

  • Endocrine Gland - Pancreas
  • Areas of Body Governed - Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder and Nervous System 

Aventurine Crystal - Solar Plexus Aventurine Crystal - Solar Plexus (Sacral) Chakra 

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the Genito-Urinary Tract. It is the centre of emotional desire, emotion, creativity, spirituality and intention. The possible physical issues affected by an out of balance Sacral Chakra are gall & kidney stones, reproductive organs, vaginal cancer, prostate cancer, pelvic disease. The Sacral Chakra governs the sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine.

  • Endocrine Gland - Gonads
  • Areas of Body Governed - Reproductive System

Red Jasper - Base Root Chakra Red Jasper - Base Root Chakra 

The Root Chakra is associated with the Reproductive Glands. It is the centre of physical energy, grounding and self-preservation. The possible physical issues affected by an out of balance Root Chakra are auto-immune disease, arthritis, cancer, AIDS, CFS, EBV, fatigue, kidney, spinal column. The Root Chakra governs the back, feet, hips, spine and legs.

  • Endocrine Gland - Adrenals
  • Areas of Body Governed - Spinal Column and Kidneys
Material Dimension (cm) Weight (oz/g)
Bonded Layers of Various
Chakra Responsive Gemstones
 3.9x3.9 Square Base 3.6 High 2.0 / 58
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