Chromotherapy Torch

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A stunning new healing modality tool, these specially designed color tools are of the highest quality, specifically made with integrity for use by natural therapists. They come complete with batteries, a clip to attach the tool to a pocket when working, a hard case in which to keep them and a complete set of interchangeable color discs to allow the light to flow through the quartz crystal tip in the different colors. The set includes color discs for use with the Chakric system (seven in total as shown in photo). The Advanced Color Discs are optionally available as an additional set of discs with additional healing qualities. Changing and working with the color discs is a simple procedure.

The crystal tips used in the torch are of natural, uncut and unpolished Australian quartz crystals, double terminated and organic crystals whenever possible, hand selected for their energies, and ease of refraction. In many cases, the quartz crystal tip is a multiple tipped crystal. Single and multiple tipped pieces work equally effectively in delivering healing photonic energy. The globe is halogen to produce perfect white light thus ensuring your colors are not distorted for effective healing. A perfect tool for kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices.

New Improved Design

The earlier version of the chromotherapy torch used a mini MagLite as its basis to which white light is delivered. Therapists found that after using the torch for some time, the globe in the MagLite would need to be replaced. The not so good news is that MagLite have discontinued the spare globes forcing therapists to purchase a new mini MagLite. The torch was therefore redesigned to have a LED white light torch as the basis to the chromotherapy torch. Having an LED light meant that the globe in the torch would never have to be replaced. It also had a brighter light delivering 130 lumen in white light. For those of you that still use the older version MagLite, we still have some replacement globes available in stock which you can purchase by clicking here.

How the torch is used

It is recommended that the workbook be studied firstly for an understanding of the benefits available through Chromotherapy as well as instruction on how to use the torch itself..

By placing the appropriate color disc in the torch, and either running this color along the appropriate meridian, or holding it over the appropriate acupressure holding points, energy will be assisted to flow through these areas and balance will be achieved. Kinesiologists may muscle test which points are out of balance to determine where the torch is needed. For best results, consider using the acupuncture pen to accurately locate acupuncture meridian points. There are also essences as well as negative and positive emotions which are associated with each meridian, and by locating these you will add depth and strength to your balance. Please refer to the Crystal Light Balancing Workbook for further information. This referral is also necessary for those who do not know where the meridians are located on the body as well as locating a wide range of emotional imbalances that could be creating deeper concerns for your patient.

Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Packaged: 23 x 5.5 x 3.7
Torch: 12.8 x 1.8
Crystal Tip with Sleeve: 4 (varies up to 6cm) x 2
(Note: The natural crystal tip may be provided as a hand selected single or multiple crystal piece)
Packaged: 243

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