Crystal Tuning Fork (Unweighted)

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Crystal tuning fork - Unweighted

The Crystal Tuner 4096 Hz (part of the Angel Tuners Set) amplifies the energy with which any crystal can heal, particularly quartz crystals, through sound vibration. Any crystal activated by the Crystal Tuner creates a bridge between the Cosmos and the physical body.

This Tuning Fork is used for activating any crystal while directing its energy towards the receiver. This is done by striking the Fork on an activator or on some hard surface, placing its stem end on the crystal and directing it towards the wanted receiver. A crystal, thus activated, produces a bridge from the physical body to the cosmos.

If a Quartz Crystal is to be cleared or energized, just tone the Tuning Fork & move it around the crystal.

If a Quartz Crystal is to be programmed, again, just tone the Tuning Fork & move it around the crystal and send the wanted thoughts across while doing the process.

The Fork is also used effectively to remove unwanted energies already present in a crystal. This is done by striking it on a hard surface and holding its stem end on the crystal for half a minute. 

Audio Recording of Crystal Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork Label Recorded Sound
136.10 Hz Listen Now

Note: The recorded sounds may include other sounds from the environment in which they were recorded e.g., birds sounds, car sounds, reversing truck sounds, dogs barking, cracking sounds from wind or from room heating up or cooling down etc.

Material Accuracy Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Special Grade Aluminium Alloy The fork is tuned to
an accuracy of +/- 0.25%
Felt Bag Open: 16.5 x 18
Felt Bag Closed: 16.5 x 9 
Tuner: 10.1
Complete Kit (Incl Felt Bag): 39
Tuner: 31

Recommended Additional Products

It is recommended that you purchase the tuning forks rubber mallet, to activate the tuning forks correctly.


If you require guidance and instruction on techniques for using the tuning forks therapeutically, we recommend that you purchase the Tuning Fork Therapy® DVD - Part 1 and/or read the eBook Tuning Fork Therapy Level One.

Crystal Tuning Fork YouTube Videos


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Darren S.

I find this is a good method for clearing my crystals. It works well.

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