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The Reiki Symbols and their Individual Meanings



Cho-Ku-Rei is called the Power Symbol for physical healing. Use this symbol for "awakening of the Light from within and from above." It is the first symbol given to a reiki student to help attune with the life force energy used to bring about physical healing in the body, or healing you could see. Imagine it as a representation of the body.



Sei-He-Ki is called Emotional and Mental Healing symbol for the key to the heart. Use for "pouring the Light into the heart and the psyche." This is the second symbol given to a reiki student to help connect mind and heart or the healing you can feel. This symbol balances the right and left brain. Imagine it as a representation of how our physical body connects to our emotional body.



Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is called the Distance Healing symbol for Karmic healing. Used for the mantra "no past, present or future. As above, so below." This is the third symbol given to a reiki student to help connect to the Universal healing energy network. This symbol transmits reiki energy across time and space. Imagine it as a representation of how we send positive light and intentions out to the Universe to receive. This symbol is an essential tool when working on inner child or past life issues as it is a key to unlocking the Akashic Records.



Dai-Ko-Myo is called the Reiki Master teacher symbol for the great ray of enlightenment. This symbol has a traditional look (top) and a contemporary counterpart (below). This is the fourth symbol given to a reiki student to be used for the highest degree of awareness - "ultimate healing of all suffering." Imagine it as a representation of the highest badge of honor, signifying expanded wisdom and clairvoyance. This symbol is used for the healing of the soul. It connects to the level of our blueprint from which the physical body is derived. It's ultimate purpose is a reminder that reiki is love and is available to everyone.

Drawing and Connecting with the Symbols Using Calligraphy

When you know how to draw each symbol, it makes it even more powerful in connecting with the healing energies. Like calligraphy, follow the simple numbered strokes to create each very powerful "key to healing".

Symbol 1 Symbol 2
Symbol 3 Symbol 4

Instructions on Using the Reiki Stones for Healing

The Engraved Reiki Stones will amplify the healing process of the universal life force energy. Use the instructions below to achieve the best results with your set of Reiki Healing Stones.

1. Cleanse the Reiki Stones before you begin your Healing Session

You will need to firstly cleanse the stones to remove any unwanted negative energies that they may have collected from previous healing sessions or from travelling from their source to you. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. Crystals and healing gemstones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased as well as clearing after every healing. A cleared, ready crystal feels positive and bright, tingly and cold to the touch. A crystal that needs clearing may feel hot, heavy or drained.

We recommend that you use a Water Rejuvenator Disc to clear the energies of each stone for best results. Simply place each stone on a disc and count to 10, then place it aside ready for your healing session. You can if you wish use alternative methods such as cleansing in running water or leaving in moon light etc., but in our opinion these techniques or not sufficient in fully cleansing the crystals.

2. Prepare your Environment

Set up a sacred space to practice reiki, do meditation or just have a place that is peaceful and calm for you. Here are some suggestions:

On a table, place a representation of the four elements of energy:

  • Fire (consider incense or candles - candle light also attracts angels)
  • Air (consider chimes)
  • Water (consider using a glass or vase of water)
  • Earth (consider using natural stones, crystals)
  • Place a picture of a person or place that inspires you

A simpler suggestion for preparing your environment could be;

  • Turn off the phone
  • Light a candle if you wish
  • Turn down the lights
  • Add soft music to set the mood

3. Cleanse the Energy of the Room

You can use herbs for smudging technique or incense.

4. Ask for Protection, Guidance and Assistance

Say a prayer, mantra or affirmation to your Universal energy (examples: God, guides, angels, Usui sensei, Ascended Masters) asking for their protection, guidance and assistance during the attunement process.

5. Begin your Healing Session

Simply lie down place the stones on your body or your patient's body. You may wish to place each of the stones on 4 chakras, perhaps the lower 4 chakras to begin with, and then the top 4 chakras later

A quartz crystal is held in each hand and then deep breathing technique is started. Inhale to the count of three and exhale to the count of three. This will place you or your client into a state of relaxation rather quickly. Once you or your client is relaxed it is time to start visualization. A good one to try is the Golden Cloud visualization.

Golden Cloud Visualization Technique (Describe this to your client or imagine it yourself for self healing)

[You may wish to pre-record this so that you can follow the visualization]

"Simply imagine a beautiful golden cloud of healing energy floating above your head. Watch it as it slowly spins above your head, the color is so inviting and loving that you are starting to feel at peace. Watch this golden cloud as it now envelopes your head, you can feel the warmth of this cloud as it swirls around and through your head. Now it is slowly coming down through your neck and shoulders, you feel an incredible sensation of love from the universe and even more at peace with yourself. The golden loving cloud is now penetrating your heart and solar plexus area, as it engulfs the solar plexus imagine this golden cloud of light healing this center, balancing you, bringing you cleansing and healing, you feel a sense of relief as if a huge weight has been lifted off of you. You bask in the warmth and love of this cloud......Keep watching as it travels even further down your body, it is engulfing your navel area, your root center, see it swirl and float around and through this area, you now feel like you too are floating in a sea of beautiful golden light, how could something feel so good? Now watch the golden cloud as it splits and goes down each thigh, you feel a strength in your legs and knees that was not there before. This warm healing energy of pure love has engulfed your entire being; you feel loved, supported, and one with the universe. How wonderful to feel this way! An overwhelming sense of peace is now with you. Continue to watch the golden cloud as it moves down further through your legs, now let it go out the souls of your feet into the earth."

Give thanks to the Universe

If you feel like giving thanks to the universe for the healing, now is the time to do so.

Stay laying down for a few minutes to collect yourself for the day.

Now you may remove your stones, be sure to quickly cleanse them using the techniques described above.

Using your Reiki Stones in your Daily Reiki Ritual

Complete steps 1-4 above. You then follow these steps;

1. Connect with the Reiki Stone of Your Choice

With intention and focus, select one of your Reiki stones to affirm your intention and purpose. Meditate with this stone in your hand to gain access from its meaning.

Claim your goal. During your meditation, you can silently ask and state your reasons or your future goal for becoming attuned to the energy of the Reiki symbols. Examples for claiming your goal:

  • To become a dedicated, compassionate healer in service to all
  • To commit to living by the principals of Reiki
  • To open the channels to expanded awareness
  • To use for healing
  • To heal and work specifically with animals or with children
  • To heal and work specifically with the elderly or the disabled
  • To become an inspired, Crystal Ascension Reiki Master Teacher who will empower others to reach their fullest potential.

2. Meditation for Connecting

Sit with feet flat on the floor, hands placed on laps. Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and relax. Tell yourself, "I am safe and secure at all times".

By allowing yourself to be open to ANYTHING that is new to you and giving it a chance, you can find your life going in the direction of new adventures and endless possibilities!

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Black Jasper Black with Gold Lettering Sizes vary as polished gem stones are natural. 0.75 to 1.5 inches in size. Varies. Approx. 2.6 / 75
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