Instructional DVDs

Qi Gong Instructional DVDs

Qi GongThese DVDs are ideal for enhancing your own wellbeing and ch’i cultivation, or as gifts for friends or relatives to assist in beginning or developing their own personal journey. If you are interested in becoming a Qi Gong Healer, or in achieving Qi Gong Mastery, then we suggest Medical Qi Gong.

Natures Energies Health Products are proud to introduce a new set of DVDs which instruct in the ancient practice Qi Gong. The DVDs are presented under the guidance of a Qi Gong Master, Daryll Mitchell, allowing you to learn in your own home and practice within your own time frame. The DVDs come highly recommended. Daryll Mitchell has Daryll Mitchell, Qi Gong Master and Presenter of the Qi Gong DVD Seriesstudied many forms Qi Gong, although concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong).

For beginners - be guided by a Qi Gong Master to understand the basic theory of Qi Gong energies, how they can be utilised and the exercises and movements involved with each system. For those already in classes or under instruction, these DVD’s will assist in practice and deepening your knowledge and skills.

This series of DVD titles will greatly assist the improvement of the Qi (vital energy) of the students by immersing in the study of this ancient healing and cultivation system from China. Students will be able to understand how to perform the techniques correctly as well as the receiving of Qi from the instructor while performing the routines. Should you wish to apply for a grading at the culmination of each level, this can be done through the college presenting. Gradings take place every 8 weeks with 14 grading levels in total.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi gong is a slow internal practice where the breath and movement are coordinated together to develop and store the qi. The qi is a special energy in the body that cannot be seen or measured which can only be experienced and developed through continuous practice. The qi is said to be mainly stored in the abdomen below the navel in the area called the Dantien (literally Field of Elixir). Qi is cultivated through deep breathing and movement combined with strong mental focus. In practicing qi gong the qi follows the mind with the movement to develop stronger qi and internal power. After the qi has been developed it can be used for different purposes such as the practice of gong fu. The power of the qi needs to be developed in the same way that you need water in a pipe to be kept under pressure to enable it to flow easily. The practice benefits the health of the body as the qi is improved it keeps the internal organs strong and helps remove toxins.

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